Whale & Aquatic Resources
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1   Link   Greenpeace International
2   Link   Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
3   Link   WDCS - Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society
4   Link   Ocean Alliance
5   Link   WWF Australia - Whales
6   Link   Whale Trust
7   Link   National Geographic - Photographer Flip Nicklin
8   Link   National Geographic - Humpback Whale
9   Link   Wikipedia - Humpback Whale
10   Link   Migration patterns and calendar of the Pacific humpback whale
Here is a fantastic website of the migratory pattern of certain animals including the humpback whale by BBC Radio 4
11   Link   Underwater Times - Whale News
12   Link   Whale Identification, Bonavista & Trinity Bays, Newfoundland.
The object of this website is to establish and develop an ongoing record of the great whales, particularly humpbacks, which pass by Newfoundland on their annual feeding journeys each Spring and Summer
13   Link   Atlantic Whales
An on-line catalogue of whale sightings in the northwest Atlantic Ocean.
14   Link   Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation
Promoting marine conservation through education and research in New England.
15   Link   Oceana
Protecting the World's Oceans
16   Link   5 Gyres
Understanding Plastic Marine Pollution Through Exploration, Education, and Action:
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