Whale researcher lands book deal- by Amanda Dale, Bermuda Sun Print E-mail
Wednesday, 01 December 2010 00:00

A whale’s tale: Filmmaker Andrew Stevenson has landed a book deal charting his humpback whale research project.

From sea monster ­folklore to the haunting songs of the humpback, whales have long fascinated mankind.

Even in our advanced technological age, the giant of the ocean still eludes us, covering thousands of miles on its migratory ­journeys.

The efforts of one man in Bermuda however, is now shedding light on the ­legendary leviathon of the deep.

Andrew Stevenson began a filmmaking project into humpback whales four years ago and the subsequent research has now caught the attention of ­scientists worldwide.

It has also caught the imagination of publishers and Mr. Stevenson is to ­publish a book on Bermuda's migratory whales next year."

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