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Friday, 10 December 2004 00:00

Greenpeace co-founder sails into local waters

By Sarah Titterton , Royal Gazette, 10 Dec 2004

Dolphin parks beware! The pirate dubbed "the world's most experienced rammer of vessels" could be joining in the battle to prevent Dolphin Oasis from opening.

Captain Paul Watson, co-founder of Greenpeace and founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, an international organisation forcefully dedicated to marine conservation, is in Bermuda on the Sea Shepherd vessel .

Capt. Watson is notorious for the stormy path he has taken since Greenpeace to protect the ocean�s wildlife � including spending time in Dutch jails, setting legal precedents in Canada, and ramming ten whaling ships in the span of two decades.

In fact, actor Sean Penn will be playing Capt. Watson in an upcoming movie about one of his more famous exploits in Portugal involving the sinking of the pirate whaler .

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