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Whale Song

Journeys into the Secret Lives of the North Atlantic Humpbacks

by Andrew Stevenson

Courageous, inspirational, entrancing; the real-life story of a father and daughter's quest to learn about whales.

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224 x 260 mm, 176 pp
Published 20th Oct 2011
ISBN: 9781849016179
Markets: World

RRP £25.00


About the Book

As Andrew Stevenson and his young daughter Elsa watched a 45-ton humpback launch itself out of the water off a Bermudian beach, she asked, ‘Why does a whale breach?' This was the spark behind the challenge to film the whales underwater that became an overriding passion. The first to admit he is not a marine biologist, Stevenson's Humpback Whale Film and Research Project has nonetheless provided remarkable scientific evidence of the whales' lives in Bermudian waters as well as their Caribbean breeding sites and Canadian feeding grounds. It has also resulted in this heart-warming, insightful tale of Stevenson's journeys with these awe-inspiring creatures.



"Andrew Stevenson"s great achievement is to show how someone with energy and persistence can make a solid contribution to knowledge about any animal that lives in their back yard - even when that animal is the humpback whale and that back yard, the North Atlantic. In four years Andrew has identified more than three times as many humpback whales around Bermuda as we scientists identified in those waters in the previous 40 years."
- Dr Roger Payne, founder of the Ocean Alliance, who discovered in 1967, with Scott McVay, that humpback whales sing songs

"A terrific book, a real pleasure to read. Its science is sound, its speculations appropriate, and its spirit is generous and uplifting. It finds the place where the curiosity of people and whales meet. An engaging and informative result from hard and persistent work."
- Dr Steven Katona, Managing Director, Ocean Health Index, Conservation International; Adjunct Senior Scientist, New England Aquarium

"Courageous, scientific and inspirational. Andrew has skilfully woven a riveting personal account of his experiences with these incredible creatures which makes readers feel as though they are in the water right next to him. Whale Song highlights just how much we have yet to learn about the world"s oceans and the species found in them, and the profound and irreversible impacts we humans are having on them."
- Dr Greg Stone, Chief Scientist for Oceans, Senior Vice-President Marine Conservation, Conservation International

"Andrew"s whale adventure is a rare and wonderful leap into the world of the whale. His eye-to-eye meeting with a humpback whale is the stuff that changes lives."
- Flip Nicklin, whale researcher and National Geographic photographer

"This entrancing story is a delightful and riveting read. A real-life story of a father and daughter"s quest to learn about whales. Andrew"s powerful, lyrical writing sweeps you along."
- Chris Palmer, wildlife film producer and Director of the Center for Environmental Filmmaking

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