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I always thought it was the sperm whale that could dive the deepest but apparently not. Apparently it is the Cuvier's beaked whale which can dive the deepest. Beaked whales are very little known because they spend little time at the surface and are difficult to tag. The better studied sperm whale can dive for more than one hour to depths greater than 1,200 meters (roughly 4,000 feet), with average dives of 45 minutes to depths of 600-1,000 meters (1,968 to 3,280 feet).

The deepest recorded dives have been made by Cuvier's beaked whales which dive to maximum depths of nearly 1,900 meters (about 6,230 feet) with a maximum duration of 85 minutes, while the Blainville's can dive to a maximum depth of 1,250 meters (4,100 feet) and 57 minutes in duration. So, the Cuvier's beaked whale holds the record for the deepest recorded dive confirmed of any air-breathing animal. However, we can't really say for sure which whale dives the deepest because these only represent whales that have been tagged.

We have Cuvier's beaked whales in Bermuda and I saw one last year in the canyon between Sally Tuckers and Challenger Banks.

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