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Why do whales migrate?  This is a result of the overall niche that whales fill - in other words, whales are very large animals, but they eat very small, abundant crustaceans called krill.  Krill is most abundant in very cold waters, so because whales need to eat so much in order to sustain their body, they must go where the krill are.  BUT, whales also must give birth to their young, and they must do it in the water.  Baby whales are born without blubber so to maximize the chance that their young will survive, they must give birth in warm, calm, shallow seas of the tropics.  The cold northern waters may have krill but they are neither warm nor calm and they have orcas and other predators lurking in the dark murcky waters!  So whales migrate so that they can be in the right place at the right time.  They go to the cold waters to feed at the right time of the year for the krill blossoms and they travel thousands of miles away to the warm waters to give birth, nurse their new young, and mate again.
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