Which is your favourite whale? Print E-mail

There's no doubt my favourite whale is the humpback. I like it so much because it is so beautiful with its streamlined body and long pectoral fins. It's acrobatic, breaching almost entirely out of the water with a few pumps of its tail. It is curious and gentle with us and when filming it underwater it's so interesting to watch how easily it can manouevre using it's long pectoral fins as as a keel, sometimes as rudders to steer, sometimes as paddle to move, sometimes as brakes to stop suddenly. They even use their tails and pectoral fins as a way to communicate when it slaps its sixteen-foot tail or pectoral fins on the surface of the water. Sometimes I think they are the whales most like us because they have flippers that they can use almost like we can use our hands. In fact their pectoral fins have a bone structure that is very similar to our hands without the thumb. I have been in the water with one who had his long fins extended out on either side of me and I thought he was going to gently touch me. A friend I know says a humpback touched him gently and pulled my friend towards him. Humpacks are also so neat because of their haunting singing which can be heard from a long distance away.

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