Why do you want to work with whales? Print E-mail
Hmmm. Have to think about that. I guess it comes from seeing the whales from shore and thinking how strange and wonderful it is that their world is so little changed for millions of years while so much has changed in humans' lives. The fact that they are so intelligent, gentle, beautiful, athletic, curious, and sociable make them interesting subjects. It's strange that we know so much about our world, even about outer space, but we have such scant knowledge of some of the largest creatures on earth that live in our oceans. In fact, the largest creature that ever lived on this planet is the blue whale and we know little of these magnificent creatures, where they migrate to, where they breed. It's kind of cool to think that working with whales it could be so easy to discover something new. Where else could we find a complex subject so handy to our shores and yet providing so much challenge and potential for discovery? Bermuda is not the easiest of places to study or film whales, but it is also unique in the northern hemisphere for providing a platform to study whales during their open ocean crossings.
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