Why don't we see humpbacks migrating past Bermuda in the Fall? Print E-mail
Good question, and that gives us a clue as to why they do migrate past Bermuda so closely in the Spring. In the Fall their bellies are full from all the krill and plankton they have been feeding on up north. When they come past Bermuda in the Spring, they have been starving for four or five months and are very hungry. There is food here in Bermuda and humpbacks will opportunistically feed here before continuing north. I have set out a funnel net with a bottle attachment and dragged it behind the boat for short periods when I have seen whales apparently feeding here and the bottle was full of krill, copepods, tiny fish and fish eggs, all food for whales. So the Bermuda seamount with its upwellings provides whales with a snack and an energy boost to continue their journey up north. After all, they've been starving for months and have just travelled as much as a thousand miles by the time they get here and a small snack of krill and copepods would be a welcome source of energy.
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