How do you get close to a whale? Print E-mail
Getting close to a whale in a boat is difficult enough but to get close to a whale and be in the water is even more difficult. Basically I don't get close to the whale, the whale gets close to me. The best encounter I have had with a whale was when I was already in the water and didn't even know the whale was there. The whale found me. I never chase a whale. If I see a whale, I observe him from a distance and try to determine what his or her behaviour is and what they might be doing. Sometimes I spend hours observing whales from a distance before approaching. I prefer to let a whale come to the boat and if the whale is in the right mood, he somtimes will. The boat engine is always off when a whale approaches a boat or when I am in the water. Chasing a whale will only keep them further away.
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