How old are babies when the mothers leave them? Print E-mail

This is a really good question and I'm not sure that the answer is obvious. The North Atlantic baby humpbacks that pass by Bermuda are born in the warmer waters of the Caribbean in the winter. The calf will by only three or so months old when it begins its migration to northern waters. The mother and calf will remain together through the summer and the mother will migrate back to the Caribbean with her offspring. It is generally considered that once back in the Caribbean the calf will become independent of its mother and yet if you look at my footage from April 6th 2008

you can see a calf that is almost the length of its mother but is clearly still feeding off its mother because it is so fat while the mother is so skinny. I doubt that this is a calf just born this past winter and so I presume it must be a calf born over a year ago that is still feeding off its mother and on its way up to the feeding grounds.

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