2015-05-22 License to commercially operate a Small Unmanned Aircraft- or the ultimate in Selfies Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
dji_0018 dji_0024
Now that the whale season is officially over and with two of the latest generation Small Unmanned Aircraft (drone) in possession I can now take the ultimate in selfies. This week I obtained permission from the Bermuda Department of Civial Aviation to commerially operate a drone. I can start practicing the art in earnest to hone my skills and what better subject matter than the family having dinner on on the dock at sunset.The girls fishing on the dock. We don't use bait and we always let them go. Yes, the fish bite the hook with no bait... and no, I don't have underwater footage of them doing it. I'm into aerial photography now.
Bermuda is way ahead of many other countries in regulating drones. To undertake aerial work commercially in Bermuda requires permission granted by the Governor (Department of Civil Aviation), licensing fees, an Operations Manual, a pilots exam and an FAA pilot's medical and liability insurance for $1.1 million dollars. An expensive way to get a selfie I guess.
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