2015-04-05 We reach over one thousand individual whales identified here in Bermuda in the last 9 yrs Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

It's official, with some twenty-plus photo IDs from our outing on Easter Friday, we are now well over the 1,000 mark for the number of fluke IDs obtained here in Bermuda over the last nine seasons (including this one, which isn't over yet!). We have had some 27 days on the water already this year and are likely to beat our previous records of 35 days on the water last year and the year before. We are also on track to break our record of over 203 IDs in one season making this year a spectacular year for watching humpbacks! We continue to make matches with other catalogues in the feeding and breeding grounds but it's our own re-sighting data, Bermuda to Bermuda, that is the most fascinating. As our database grows the re-sighting history figures rise exponentially.

Before I began this project in 2007 the total Bermuda fluke IDs over the previous 40 years to 2006 was 140 or 3-4 IDs per year.

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