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Written by Andrew Stevenson   
One of several fluke IDs we obtained today
The two whales above were seen in shallow water together (between TU/QP)
This whale has a Canadian catalogue number Mn0113sn0040 and was seen in Canada Bay, North Newfoundland and these matches have been made by Roger Etcheberry in St Pierre-et-Miquelon.
It was also photographed by Arlène Erven off St. Anthony on August 2002 and also on Silver Bank Feb 14th 2012 and is in their catalogue # 2 under : (144)20120214bpjf1 Conscious breath adventure
The above whale was emaciated, lethargic, surfaced often in shallow water (TU) and had a dorsal fin that slanted to one side and seemed to have some kind of entanglement scars over its back. I thought it was the whale we had seen the previous week but no... Judging from the pigmentation it could seem to be a younger whale. It certainly didn't look very big but bigger than a calf. Perhaps a yearling?
This whale seemed to accompany the younger whale and didn't surface as often. Roger Etcheberry has identified this whale as their spm0893 photographed by Joël Detcheverry on October 1, 2014 15 milesSW of Saint-Pierre
dsc_1436_ed dsc_1455_ed
The first two whales identified above were very active, with a double breach (no, I didn't photograph it but it is indelibly etched in my mind) and lots of chin slaps and pec slapping
dsc_1657_ed dsc_1718_ed
The whale above left is the emaciated whale with the scars across its back and the lobsided dorsal fin, consequences of entanglement?
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