2015-03-01 Tagged Icelandic whale approaches the party down on the Silver Bank Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Track of tagged humpback whale migrates from Iceland to Silver Bank- click here




The last few days of this whale's epic journey from Iceland to Silver Bank. Just when you think you have started to figure out these whales' habits you get more information and realize we still know so little. Why is this whale migrating so far south so late? It's almost getting to the time when the mating party down on the Silver Bank will be over and the whales will be heading back up north again. Long trip for an overnight party. Or is there another reason this whale has migrated so far so late? Perhaps it's a juvenile and doesn't know any better?

We have identified whales from Iceland here in Bermuda. If this tag lasts long enough, perhaps we'll see when it starts heading north again. Perhaps on the way north it will drop in to Bermuda.

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