2014-11-16 Neils burial at sea Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
An armarda of over a hundred boats, motor boats, commercial fishing boats, sailboats, windsurfers, leave Hamilton Harbor to procede to Western Blue Cut where Dr Neil Burnie's body would be buried at sea
Boats gathered around Explorer in the protected waters of the Great Sound where a service was held with several speakers paying their respects to Neil, with Neil's boat alongside
A convoy of small craft including windsurfers continued seven miles out under beautiful blue skies in 10-15 knot winds and 5-8 foot waves to Western Blue Cut with a Cessan 172 circling overhead
Annabel joins her and Neil's windsurfing and kitesurfing buddies to the Explorer
The wind/kite surfers watch Neil go down in 700 feet and wave and give a thumbs up to celebrate the life of a remarkable man
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Elsa throws a homemade wreath overboard
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Annabel returns to Magical Whale and throws some last flowers at Neil's grave
Then everyone heads home and Neil is no more.
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