2014-10-29 Battered and bruised after two hurricanes but remarkably resilient Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

The considerable force of Hurricane Gonzalo uprooted a massive tree which destroyed the concrete foundations of a post box
Somers lying on the ground at the base of a tree trunk
img_6920 img_6913
Above left, Somers is actually standing up on the tree trunk, and lying on the ground at the same time! Fresh grass is growing out of the horizontal ground
img_6505 img_6597_ed
Fishing on the dock in the glorious days following the storms
img_7050 img_7052
Bermuda is always so incredibly green. We rarely see piles of brown leaves like this, even in winter
img_7074_ed img_7101
It is amazing how Bermuda weathered two major storms within a week and after each storm within 48 hours the roads were cleared, schools open, and most of the island with electricity again, a testamont to the spirit of Bermuda's people and its infrastructure. The island looks different now, somewhat reminiscent of the fall at similar latitudes in North America with trees bare of leaves and lots of fall-colored leaves on the ground and cooler, more comfortable temperatures. But already we can see the green buds on trees and bushes starting to come back to render Bermuda its more usual green hues splased throughout with the vivid colours of flowers.
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