2014 09-25 Opening of ACE Gallery exhibition -Dancing with Whales- Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
Today, from 5.30 to 7.30 pm is the opening of the photographic exhibition 'Dancing with Whales' at the ACE Gallery. These black and white photographic images of humpback whales underwater are mounted on canvas with sizes ranging from 3x2 feet to 5x3 feet to 9x5 feet. They are all of the same two 'dancing' whales, a male and a female courting each other in Bermuda waters earlier this year. We have tried to match these whales' fluke IDs with our own catalogue of 862 individual whales as well as catalogues held by others to no avail. The Gallery and the reception tonight are open to the public
Above is a 9 foot by 5 foot canvas of the female as she danced around her partner
Inside the Gallery
dsc04213 dsc04218
Inside the Gallery
dsc04226 dsc04205
dsc04210 dsc04228
The reception and hallways are also adorned with large 5x4 canvasses
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