2014-09-02 Last evening of the summer holidays Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
dsc03351 dsc03400_ed
Despite the obvious similarities between Somers and her mum, it's her dad that Somers is a dead ringer for. Elsa laughing... once again
dsc03517_ed dsc03507
Somers in the water first, as usual. Elsa getting a well-deserved push overboard by a friend
dsc03521 dsc03527
Somers getting away from Elsa, sea cucumber in one hand
dsc03555_ed dsc03545_ed
Somers keeping a wary eye out for Elsa, Elsa telling Somers and I she let the sea cucumber go
dsc03618 dsc03513
See Somers, no sea cucumber. See dad, no sea cucumber
dsc03656_ed dsc03697
Hey! Guys! I found another one!            Somers getting out of there
Even if there are no whales around Bermuda right now, there's lots of fun to be had in the 82-degree water!
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