2014-02-20 Illustrated lecture on whales on 27th February at 7.30 at BUEI tickets $25 at Bdatix.bm Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Now into his eighth year of observing, researching, filming and writing about the North Atlantic humpback whales, Andrew Stevenson gives us an update on the formation on his ongoing research with unique underwater high definition footage of the humpbacks with never-before seen behaviors.


This lecture will update progress since making his award-winning film "Where the Whales Sing" in 2010 and publishing his book "Whale Song: Journeys into the Secret Lives of the North Atlantic Humpbacks" in November 2011. With almost nine hundred individual whales identified here in Bermuda over the last seven years some interesting behaviors and patterns are beginning to reveal themselves.


Andrew will give his illustrated presentation on Thursday 27th February at BUEI at 7.30 pm. Tickets available at Bdatix.bm



Above, our fluke ID #1300 photographed by Andrew on 25th of January, 2014 and below the same whale photographed by Claire Grenfell on 1st February, 2014 eight days later


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