2012 04 21- Candle shows up yet again, three days, and lots of re-sightings in a large group Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
Candle shows up three days out of four. Candle's history in Bermuda is remarkable, seen here over multiple days in April 2007, again in April 2013, again in April in 2012 and again in January and April in 2012 as well as these sightings in April 2013, almost always on exactly the same day as previous years. What is more remarkable is despite the frequent sightings here, Candle has been identified only once before-- in Labrador in 1978, 35 years ago
Candle was with a large group of whales today that at times numbered 10 or more individuals. Four of these whales were re-sightings from previous years, four of them were layovers from previous days. For more of our sightings and re-sightings from this large group witnessed today see below. With increasing numbers of boats going out to observe whales it is important for whale watchers to heed the guidelines pertaining to whale watching. It is against Bermuda law to disturb humpback whales and the penalty for doing so is $10,000.00. See the whale watching guidelines at the top of our home page or click here:
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