2013 03 26 What do you do when it blows gales and its really cold outside (for Bermuda that is) Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
coolpix_498 coolpix_499
Go to the beach with the Sharks swim club and collect garbage from the beach and dunes. We were in the lee here and it got warm
coolpix_017 coolpix_020
Collect loquats from the loquat tree in the back garden
coolpix_171 coolpix_196
Do the mile Dash in the Dark (and the cold)-- pre-haircut
img-20130316-01814 img-20130317-01835
Go to a swim meet or relax with your little sister after a mile Dash in the Park (in daylight)
coolpix_520 coolpix_502
Line up all the small 'zoo-tube' animals collected over the years (there were over 600) and 'migrate' them around the house into every room
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coolpix_504 coolpix_505
coolpix_508 coolpix_509
Or simply torture Kira the Cat
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