2012 06 15- Sickly whale caught on underwater video on 13th March identified as Karli aka NAHWC8456 Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


Sickly whale bd 0724 NAHWC#8456 aka Karli above

Image of our bd 0104 aka HWC2527 below


Karli's 'escort' bd 0104 above. Both whales were videoed underwater together for about an hour and a half. 0104 was large (looked like a male fromt the scars, dorsal fin and rubbed raw pink tubercles on its head and chin) while 'sickly' whale 0724 aka Karli aka NAHWC8456 was emaciated. It would be interesting to know if Karli (top above) is seen in Gulf of Maine this year. Was it simply hungry or was it indeed 'sickly'. There were no obvious signs of injury, no sea lice, nothing to indicate why it would be so thin. This whale was first indentified in Puerto Rico in 2003. You can see a short clip of these two whales together by clicking on the link below. We have probably about half an hour of footage sometimes with 0104 approaching to within ten feet, head on, and holding that position for some minutes before moving to the side and then coming around for another look. Sickly whale always remained on the far side of the two whales


Our 0104 has been seen in Bermuda now in 2008, 2010 and 2012 (always in March). I recognised the distinctive fluke of 0104 while I was in the water. Judie Clee matched our above water fluke ID of the 'sickly' whale with the underwater footage on the same date.

Has anyone seen Karli this year?


click here to see video of 'sickly' whale with its 'escort'



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