2012 06 12- Judie Clee makes some more matches to the NAHWC and re-sightings Bermuda to Bermuda Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

0498_1_bd_2012_03_17_cl_2011_03_14 0498_1_bd_2011_03_14_cs_2012_03_17
Above left is a photo sent to us last week by Tori Cox-Lindo taken on 17th March, 2012. Above right is a photo taken by Camilla Stringer on 14th March, 2011. Once again we see remarkable similarities in the two dates of this Bermuda to Bermuda re-sighting. This contribution by Tori is another example of how these contributor photos make such a difference to our data bank and marine science. Without her contribution we wouldn't have known this whale was here two years in a row in the same week.

The other photo Tori sent is below:

0786_1_bd_2012_03_17_cl_m7310_ 0786_2_bd_2012_03_17_pf

The photo above left was taken by Tori Cox-Lindo on 17th March 2012. The photo above right was taken also on the 17th of March but the photo isn't as good or clear as Tori's. With Tori's better fluke ID Judie Clee was quickly able to make the match to NAHWC#7310 first photographed in Puerto Rico in 1984, twenty-six years ago. Again, both photos from a contributor making a significant contribution to our project and marine science.

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