2011 07 12- Where the Whales Sing screens at Jersey Arts Centre during the IWC meetings Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

"Where the Whales Sing" screened in Jersey on Sunday, 10th July at the meeting of the International Celebration of Whales (IWC) and the concurrent International Whaling Commission IWC). Screening of the film was followed by results and prize-giving for ‘The Magic of Whales’ children’s arts contest, in association with The Harbour Gallery. Women for Whales organized the event and had hoped that Elsa would be able to attend to deliver a message. Elsa couldn't make it but she did write a message that was read by Cordelia Brabbs, founder of Women for Whales prior to the screening of "Where the Whales Sing". Here is Elsa's message:


“Whales are part of nature. Without whales I would feel sad. Whales are not food. They are just like us. They have families, friends, and even their own song. What would it feel like if you were stabbed by a hard harpoon and dragged on a boat and get killed? It would not feel good. Whales are the gentle giants of the sea. Whales and dolphins should have the right to be free- not killed or stuck in captivity. I hope you listen to my voice and stick up for the whales. Love Elsa.”


Photos and more info once we receive it from Jersey

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