2011 02 7- More photos of a rowdy group on the Silver Bank Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


A lunging head of a whale crashes into two other males during a rowdy group's attempt to seduce a female. For five minutes there was intense activity as the males lashed at each other with their tails, flukes and heads


This is what preciptated the males' sudden passion. The female lay on her back and waved her pectoral fins in the air as if to say, "Whoever is the biggest and strongest of you boys, come and get me."


These photos were taken within a minute of each other with head lunges, lob-tailing, peduncle throws and side-swipes executed in quick succession. These animals that are so gentle with us in the water show their amazing strength and agressive power during these battles. The tubercles on their heads, the dorsal fins and the tips of their flukes are bloodied during these epic struggles for dominance.

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2011_feb_3rd_feb_silver_bank_am_511 2011_feb_3rd_feb_silver_bank_am_207_edited

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 2011_feb_3rd_feb_silver_bank_am_258_edited 2011_feb_3rd_feb_silver_bank_am_596_edited


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