2011 02 7- Photos from the Silver Bank from last week Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

The Silver Bank is a marine sanctuary north of Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic and about half way to the Turks and Caicos. For five days I was on a live-aboard boat photographing the largest collection of humpbacks anywhere in the world. There was plenty of surfacing activity with male whales launching themselves against the competition in an attempt to prove to the female who was the biggest, meanest dude in town and therefore the most likely to provide her with the right genes for her calf to survive into adulthood.

2011_feb_3rd_feb_silver_bank_am_149_edited 2011_feb_3rd_feb_silver_bank_am_154_edited

2011_feb_3rd_feb_silver_bank_am_155_edited 2011_feb_3rd_feb_silver_bank_am_156_edited






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