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Written by Andrew Stevenson   


For our summer holidays we spent a month in August in the Gulf of Maine and Bay of Fundy. We had two great weeks at College of the Atlantic/Allied Whale in Bar Harbor and then a week in St Andrews, New Brunswick and then a week at Brier Island on the end of Digby Neck in Nova Scotia. Here are some photos from our whale watching trips in Brier Island. Elsa seemed to find her own "Magical Whale", a calf that was all over our stationary zodiac for an hour or so. Elsa not only has an affinity for animals of any kind, she's an avid photographer, as you can see from my photos of her, and her photos of the whales.

2010_summer_hols_4_1255_compressed 2010_summer_hols_4_1249_compressed

The calf seemed to want to make contact with Elsa. We were stationary with the engine off.

2010_summer_hols_4_1156_compressed 2010_summer_hols_4_1461_edited_compressed

Elsa on left, the mother humpback on the right, above.

2010_summer_hols_4_1344_compressed 2010_summer_hols_4_950_edited_compressed

The calf pec slapping to invite us in and showing Elsa its tail on the right, above.

2010_summer_hols_4_1093_compressed 2010_summer_hols_4_1106_compressed

To really get our attention, the calf breached 25 feet in front of us, and soon after did an impromptu tail lob, right above.

2010_summer_hols_4_1213_edited_compressed 2010_summer_hols_4_431_compressed

Head out of the water to better see us, the calf did one last approach before leaving with a wave of its tail.

2010_summer_hols_2_1815_compressed 2010_summer_hols_2_1835_edited_compressed

And above are Elsa's photos of a finback whale and calf.

2010_summer_hols_4_758_edited_compressed 2010_summer_hols_4_767_compressed

On the way back we encounter a mother right whale and her calf in the Wesport harbor. How cool is that!!!


All in a day's work for a seven-year old photogapher.

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