2010 06 11- An enthusiastic response from the P4-P6 classes at Somersfield Academy Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

The P4-P6 classes were amazing today as they sat through "Where the Whales Sing" and watched intently. If I ever needed confirmation that having a child's voice narrate the film was a good decision, I certainly had it today. It was as if they had all been plugged in to a direct current every time Elsa's voice narrated the film. Most impressive were the questions, and comments from the students which revealed a level of understanding of the issues facing whales that was more impressive. If ever a group was enthusiastic enough and ready for a Whale Club, this would be the it. Thanks to Susie Hall for organizing it and getting everyone motivated. You Rock Somersfield!!!




And thanks Jason for telling me that this was the best documentary on animals you'd ever seen. A reaction like that makes all this effort worthwhile.

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