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Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Tonight I was honoured to be the keynote speaker at the Power of One- Environmental Youth Conference. There were some hard acts to follow as participants to the conference joined together for their final night.


Dr Robbie Smith hands out a participation certificate to one of the youth delegates at the conference

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Participants act out a humpback whale being tangled in nets and other dangers they face

"Fifty six student delegates, selected by more than 30 public and private schools throughout the Island attended this year’s two-day Environmental Youth Conference on April 14th, 15th.  This event was organised by Bermuda Zoological Society (BZS) and sponsored by the Ernest E. Stempel Foundation. The conference was held at Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo, and was supported by the Ministry of the Environment, the Department of Conservation Services.

"It was the sixth biennial (every two years) event held in Bermuda and this year’s conference theme was “The Power of One; Preserving Our Biodiversity”. Students aged 10 and up had the opportunity to meet many of Bermuda's local scientists and eco-heroes, and took part in workshops designed to give them hands-on experience in conservation projects. One thing that was evident across the board was the high level of environmental awareness amongst the delegates. They were very eager to learn ways in which they could actively get involved and make a difference. So although there is much more environmental education that needs to take place, it is encouraging to take note that the eco-heroes of tomorrow are listening and learning. I believe that with our continued encouragement and support, the youth today will be well-equipped to face the environmental challenges of tomorrow."

Joseph Furbert

Education Officer

Bermuda Zoological Society


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Audience and participants at the conference


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