2009 11 20 -A couple of incredible matches by Dr Stevick- one a span of 29 years, the other 26 years Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


Above left is our 0014, a partial half fluke taken my me on the 15th of April 2007. This poor fluke id was matched yesterday by Peter Stevick and goes to show how even a partial fluke can be identified, although it takes a very expert eye to make this match! The photo on the right is na1845. The previous sightings of this animal are March 14, 1978 in Puerto Rico by David Mattila and Nathalie Ward, August 24, 1979 off Stony Island Labrador by Hal Whitehead (a 29 year span) and March 5, 1993 in Samana Bay during the YoNAH project, photograph taken by Dr Stevick.


And above on the left is our 0181 taken by me on 6th of April 2009. Camilla Stringer has another photo of the same animal taken the following day out on the crown of Challenger Bank. Peter's keen eye matched this photograph  to the partial fluke on the right which is na2913. The photo was taken on Silver Bank on Feb 15 1983, by the Ocean Research and Education Society (ORES). Dr Stevick made another match to the same photograph below while going through another collection. This was taken on September 3, 2002 off Witless Bay by Robert McKay. Again, it shows how a trained eye can make a match out of even a partial fluke!

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