2009 06 21 Humpback 87635 and calf are definitely on their way to Norway! What an epic journey!!! Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

After giving no positions two days ago, 87635 reported in today, and is now clearly headed towards Norway and the Barents Sea... Iceland is being bypassed!

87635 and calf (hopefully) have been migrating for as long as two and a half months now. The mother was tagged on April 6 2009 on the Silver Bank, Dominican Republic.We can't be sure when they started migrating from Silver Bank, Dominican Republic because the first month she didn't transmit at all. Now the five other whales tags are 'dead' but 87635 keeps going! And what an amazing journey she has undertaken! This is the stuff of legends!

Hardly surprising that 87635 decided to bypass Iceland who this week are increasing their self-allocated quota of whales they intend to kill, including fin and minke whales. Mind boggling that a modern society would tolerate this. The harm to the Icelandic tourism industry, and the whale watching industry, must far outweigh any material benefits t hey get from killing whales. Whenever possible I boycott Japanese goods (for example Japanese cars) and I would never visit Iceland as long as they hunt whales.

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