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Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Dr Jooke Robbins has an incredible ability to recognise whale flukes immediately. While I thought I had gone over to the dark side when I recognised a fluke from last year, but didn't recognize a friend down on the beach, this is nothing compared to Dr Robbins ability to immediately recognise a fluke like the rest of us would identify a friend or aquaintance. Once we all get some time, I'll add the sighting history of each of these matches from Allied Whale.

Below are a couple of matches that Judy Allen at Allied Whale just sent me. She too can pick out the tiniest details that make a match. Photos on the left NAHWC# 1002 (1984) and NAHWC#7350 (2004) and NAHWC#1037 are Allied Whale's and on the right, #0224 and #0041 and #0267 taken here in Bermuda.




#0224 was previously seen on 7-Jul-79 in Split Pt, Nfld (H. Whitehead) and 20-Apr-84 Bermuda (Allied Whale). That's a 30-year sighting history!

#0267 was previously seen on  8-Jul-78 in Baccalieu Tickle, Nfld (H. Whitehead) and 1989 Samana Bay (Center for Coastal Studies). This one is a 31-year sighting history!


Here are some of Dr Robbins matches:

On the left is our Bermuda catalogue number and on the right is the match:

#0017=Bandit HWC 0789


#0037=Duo HWC 0456

#0052=Navajo HWC0225

#0072=Victor HWC 0374

#0071=Patches HWC 0211

#0180=Blanco HWC 0988


#0267=HWC 1037

#0286=Brooch HWC5811


#0256=Hail HWC 0612

#0273=Ping HWC 8277

#0069=Flash's calf

#0103=Nike HWC 8244


#0189=Mask HWC0246


And Judy Allen and Dr Peter Stevick came up with:

#0041 HWC7350

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