January 29th in the water filming whales, at least three different sets of whales seen Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Weather Conditions
Winds: South West at 5 – 10kts
3 – 6ft Swells outside the reef line
Slight chop

Left Watford bridge at 10:00am

Plan: Head to South West breakers (Two whales already reported a mile from Southwest)
then head out towards Sally tuckers then to Challenger Banks.

Passing South West Breaks at 10:45 began heading out towards Sally Tuckers

Hydrophone placed in water at 11:00am
- Heard distant whales

Hydrophone out; continue on towards Sally tuckers at 11:15am

Hydrophone In at 11:55am Whales once again can be heard but louder.

12:05 First sighting; 2 whales
GPS 32° 11 667°

130 Feet

Dove at 12:06

11 minutes pass before next breath at 12:16 then dove again at 12:17pm

12:23 whale comes to surface but don't breathe and remain below surface as if checking us out. Dorsal fin spotted and bubbles seen, whales disappear from sight with no blow.

12:42 two whales surface at surface for 4 minutes dove at 12:46
140 ft of water animals fairly stationary.

13:00 Whales Surface
135 ft
GPS 32°n11 598°

13:02 dove
8 minutes

13:10 animals resurface only one blow seen

13:25 Hydrophone in Whales are heard much louder than previous

13:30 Whales at Stern
13:32 Whales dive
13:35 Andrew in water

13:40 Whales at Bow
13:45 Whales Dive and Andrew out

GPS N 32° 11. 598°

13:55 Whales off Bow dove at 13:56

14:01 Whales Spotted close to stern

14:02 Andrew in

- Whales under boat Andrew filming

- Whales disappear

14:22 Whales spotted off bow Andrew back in boat

14:25 Continue on to Challenger

15:23 Distant Blow seen East of Challenger

15:28 Whales seen off Stern

15:35 KW in water

15:45 Whales seen off Bow, KW back in boat

15:47 Continue on towards Challenger banks

16:00 Whales spotted on port side moving in same direction as boat
16:04 Whales dive

16:13 Whales off Stern still moving at good speed

16:23 Whales off Bow

16:30 Boat stop Hydrophone in water; Whale vocals loud with low grunts and higher chirps.

16:35 Boat turn around head for shore whales seen at Stern heading towards Challenger

On route back to Shore whale Spout seen eastwards of Challenger as well closer to shore.

Back to Watford Bridge by 17:55.
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