Jan 29th First time out on the water and in the water with a humpback this year Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
Two phone calls this morning from Kevin Winter with two whales feeding a mile west of South West Breaker on the edge. With Michael Smith on Sea Slipper and a crew including Kevin Horsefield, Kelly Winfield, Chloe Kempe and myself, we set out for SW Breaker and then followed the edge to Sally Tuckers, around the corner and then picked up two humpbacks feeding in about 100-130 feet of water. They were down considerably long periods of 11 to 13 minutes. Eventually they move mid-afternoon towards Challenger where they cut across the canyon at a steady 5 1/2 knots and on a steady course. A couple of times they slowed down and we remained in idle and the whales approached the boat, surfacing on one occasion immediately behind the stern. I was in the water several times (65 degrees- not too cold) and eventually one of the humpbacks came and swam in a circle some fifteen feet below me, eyeing me carefully.
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