13th May 08 Yet more fluke matches, the seventh and eighth matched to Newfoundland whales! Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Here are the details of the seventh match made with Allied Whale's fluke catalogue from Judy Allen and photographed here in Bermuda on 11th April:

"Hi Andrew -

I've got some more info on your whales.  First, an additional sighting record for HWC #2242 - in addition to the early sightings in 82 and 89 that Rosie reported, we have a 2005 sighting in Witless Bay, Newfoundland (a popular whale-watching area). So now, in addition to being at least 26 years old, we know it is part of the eastern Canada feeding sub-stock.
Also, another match:
DSC_0120 and DSC_0162 from 11 April: this is HWC #1517. 
  25 Jun 1979 Newfoundland (Memorial University Newfoundland)
  13 Aug 1982 Labrador (Memorial University Newfoundland) 
  12 Feb 1983 Silver Bank (Ken Balcomb ORES)
  13 Aug 1983 Labrador (Memorial University Newfoundland) 
  29 Jul 1991 Witless Bay Newfoundland ((Memorial University Newfoundland)
  Jul 2001 Witless Bay (Wildland Tours).
You've outdone yourself this season - great shots of whales, and several matches already! looking forward to seeing what else we can find out!
All the best -

And the eighth match "P4204115Kelly20thApril" taken by Kelly Winfield from April 20, 2008 matched to HWC#2943 which Adrianna matched! She loves our Bermuda whales!

The sighting history is short but sweet! It is as follows:

1984 - Silver Bank, DR, West Indies

2003 - Trinity, Newfoundland.



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