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Monday, 01 March 2010 00:00

(Source: The Royal Gazette, 1 Mar 2010)

Whale documentary to premiere in Bermuda

By Amanda Dale

Big sight: A humpback whale breaches off South Shore in a picture taken in 2007 by Camilla Stringer, a volunteer with Andrew Stevenson's whale project. Mr. Stevenson's documentary 'Where the Whales Sing' will premiere on March 11.

After three years of in-depth research and filming, the premiere of 'Where the Whales Sing' takes place next week.

Documentary filmmaker Andrew Stevenson will present his remarkable footage to the public at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute on March 11.

Bermuda is the only mid-ocean platform in the Northern hemisphere to provide a window into the migratory social behaviour of humpback whales.

Mr. Stevenson's one-hour film reveals new insights into the lives of these remarkable creatures, with close-up footage not only from Bermuda but also their breeding grounds in the Caribbean and feeding grounds in Eastern Canada.

The producer/director's journey is told through the eyes of his six-year-old daughter Elsa.

The Humpback Whale Research and Film Project's 'Where the Whales Sing' takes place at 8.30 p.m. on March 11 at BUEI's Tradewinds Auditorium.

Tickets are $50 available from www.bdatix.com

For further information on the project go to: www.whalesbermuda.com


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