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Monday, 14 January 2008 00:00

By Tim Smith, Royal Gazette, 14 Jan 2008

Four-year-old Elsa Stevenson joins demonstrators as they protest the presence of a Japanese Fisheries Agency ship docked at pier six on Front Street on Friday.
Photo Chris Burvill

Last week's anti-whaling demonstration in Front Street has attracted news coverage from around the world.

Organisers said they have been contacted from conservationists from across the planet who wanted to give their support to the more than 100 protesters who created a scene in front of Fisheries Agency of Japan patrol vessel Mihama as it was docked at Number Six shed on Friday.

Placard-waving demonstrators said they were campaigning against Japanese fisheries boats which have plundered the world's marine resources through long-line fishing, illegal fishing and overfishing.

Rally organiser Patrick Singleton said: "Captain Watson, of the Sea Shepherd, has just contacted me from the Southern Pacific Ocean to congratulate Bermuda on a job well done. The Captain said his vessel and crew are within hours of intercepting the Japanese whaling fleet located inside the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary."

Conservation giant Greenpeace — which is trying to halt the world's largest ever "scientific" whaling season, in which 1000 Minke and Fin whales are to be killed — also sent praise.

Mr. Singleton said of the rally: "It has given Bermudians a sense of pride that we can do something about our most precious of natural resources: our backyard the Atlantic Ocean. It is encouraging to see that tiny Bermuda can be part of leading global awareness on this side of the world.

"It is important that people clearly understand this demonstration was directed at the Japanese Government's fishing policies and not focused on Japanese people or their culture."


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