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Wednesday, 26 November 2008 11:41

(Source: Bermuda Sun, 13 Nov 2008)

The marine mammal research group at College of the Atlanticin Maine, Allied Whale, has sent nearly 150 photographs of whale flukes to Bermuda taken here over several decades.

Whale documentary maker Andrew Stevenson, who is currently making a film about humpback

whales travelling through Bermuda, has been entrusted with the archival collection. He said: "These whale flukes are incredibly important because the more flukes we identify, the more useful they become.

"They are better than satellite tags insofar as they last for the life of a whale, just like our fingerprints identify us.

"Now we can catalogue a newly taken fluke photograph ourselves and see if it matches a whale that has been photographed here before." Mr. Stevenson will be giving an illustrated lecture about this documentary using underwater high definition video, above water video and photographs.

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