2017-01-26 The eleventh season has begun and we are working on a sequel to "Where the Whales Sing" Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
Thursday, 26 January 2017 14:37

We've started our eleventh season of collecting data on the humpback whales. There are few whales here right now but we have already identified several whale IDs  in Bermuda waters. What are these whales doing here now? Don't know. Perhaps on their way south to the breeding/calving grounds. Some seem to be just hanging out. Some seem to be foraging on the edge, some seem to be hibernating, down for long periods and barely breathing when they surface. This past week we documented a mother and a young calf with an escort. Was the calf born in Bermuda waters? Perhaps. Will they stay here before they head north? Will they head south? No reason to. If we can identify these whales again in the next weeks, we can perhaps answer this question.


This will be my second season using a drone to get aerial footage of the humpbacks. I have a permit from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to conduct this research. The aerial footage reveals so much information about the size, health, gender and social interactions of these whales.


In addition to the research, I will make a sequel documentary to "Where the Whales Sing". This project has received financial support from the Atlantic Conservation Partnership and the Bermuda Government through the Ministry of Social Development and Sports. I'm looking for a corporate title partner as well as individuals. The 45-60 minute documentary will be completed by this time next year.

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