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This is a method of feeding that is quite extraordinary. The humpback whales dive beneath a school of fish, swimming in a circular pattern. Breathing out, they blow bubbles which form columns of air. These bubbles expand as they float towards the surface, forming a 'net' from which the fish do not escape. The whales continue to blow bubbles as they circle towards the surface, before opening their enormous mouths and engulfing the fish that they have trapped in their bubble net.

Video of whales breaching and pec slapping in Bermuda Print E-mail

North Atlantic humpbacks migrate over the open ocean each spring on their way from the breeding/mating grounds in the Caribbean to their feeding grounds up north. Here you can see five humpbacks in Bermuda still displaying the courting/mating behaviour as two challenging males breach and pec slap to attract the attention of a mother humpback with a calf and a primary escort.

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