General questions about whales and this project.

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1 How many babies can a humpback whale have? 35049
2 How does a whale use its blowhole? 33001
3 Why do whales take care of their babies? 28826
4 What do whales do when they are not sleeping or eating? 22730
5 How high can a whale jump? 22294
6 How do whales go to sleep? 20284
7 How loud is a whale's singing? 19119
8 How long can a whale live without food? 17258
9 How many blowholes do whales have? 15286
10 Which whale dives the deepest? 15089
11 Are whales afraid of sharks or are sharks afraid of whales? 14669
12 What is a whale's footprint? 14305
13 Why don't we see humpbacks migrating past Bermuda in the Fall? 14055
14 Why do humpback whales migrate? 11673
15 Why do humpback whales migrate so far to warm waters to breed? 11116
16 Is a whale smarter than a person? 9441
17 When did whales become sea creatures? 9258
18 Why do humpback whales breach? 8681
19 Which whale has the biggest teeth? 8299
20 Is a whale smarter than a person? 7141
21 What is baleen made out of? 7006
22 What is the smallest whale? 6940
23 What are copepods? 6920
24 Which is the fastest whale? 6260
25 When did you start filming whales? 5869
26 Do you have to have a special licence to swim with the whales? 5824
27 Are whales cold whales? 5806
28 When is the best time to film whales? 5561
29 Which are the fastest baleen whales? 5520
30 Did you touch a whale? 5254
31 How easy is it for a humpback to jump out of the water? 5210
32 How do you get close to a whale? 5173
33 Which is your favourite whale? 4953
34 Do you use SCUBA tanks when filming whales underwater? 4755
35 How shallow do whales come in? 4602
36 How old are babies when the mothers leave them? 4526
37 What is the International Whaling Commission? 4517
38 Why do you want to work with whales? 4472
39 Who films whales with you? 4388
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